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Community Cafe'

Welcome to 906 Community Cafe located at 1203 Eagle Street, KI Sawyer.

A place to enjoy free coffee along with a quiet, peaceful relaxing atmosphere.

Whether you come to read a book and relax, play a game of cards, get out of the cold in the winter or just get out of the house to relax, it's a great place to be. 



Our mission is to create a warm, peaceful, soothing atmosphere so that you can take some time to escape the chaos of the world around you and enjoy a warm cup of coffee


Our vision is to see this facility become a place for the community that would help bring joy, peace and a moment of contentment to the lives of those around us. 

Take Away Coffee

Hours of Service

Community Cafe' is now open!


Because all of our help is all volunteer we have set hours of availability. However as our volunteer group increases the hours we are open will be expanded. 

Hours of Service
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